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Who owns TUXG Hosting?

TUXG Hosting is one of the web services offered by The UX Group, an IT company based in Vijayawada and Tenali in India. The UX Group offers IT Services exclusively on Unix and Linux platforms using open source software.

Since when you are offering web hosting?

We have been offering Linux hosting since 2006.

Can you suggest us the best hosting plan?

Yes, please call or e-mail or chat with us so that we can suggest you the best plan that suits your requirements.

Do you offer Java or Tomcat hosting?

No. We offer Linux hosting and Linux VPS Servers. We may offer BSD Unix hosting in the near future.

Can I run PHP software on your hosting?

Yes. Our Linux hosting fully supports PHP software, as long as it can run on latest stable PHP versions.

Domain Registration

How much do you charge for domain registration?

We charge Rs.600 per annum for registration/renewal/transfer of regular domain extensions such as .com, .org, .net, .in and Check with us for pricing of other extensions. We register at this rate provided hosting service is also taken from us.

Web Hosting - General

Why don't you offer unlimited space hosting plans?

Because we don't believe we can offer that while being ethical to our clients! In other words, in a finite world, we cannot offer "unlimited" anything, be it hosting space or some other resource as that simply means cheating the clients. We are against such shady and obscure business practices. The only "unlimited" resource we talk about is the number of domains that can be hosted on a Managed VPS in the sense that we do not impose any limit on the number of hosted domains on the VPSes that we offer.

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